What to do in terms of security if we get a new computer

Security is a key aspect to keep our phone working well. Therefore, we have to use tools and programs to keep malware at bay. Doing this will let us face possible threats that could cause our device to malfunction. However, taking measures is even more important in case of a new or recently bought computer or one that has been formatted to install a new OS from scratch. In this article, we will talk about the security measures we must take if we have a new computer.

First security measures on PCs

When we buy a new PC (or even phones or tablets), it is virtually empty. It has a few built-in apps, but setting the PC up is our responsibility. The first steps can make a difference in the medium and long run. I recently bought a new computer, and since it is my work tool, security is really important. This is why we will use this article to show some basic advices.

The first thing to do is to install security programs and tools regardless of the OS or platforms we use, as they are all vulnerable in some way. A good antivirus is important. Windows 10, the latest version of Microsoft’s OS, is widely used and comes with Windows Defender.

Additionally, I personally think it is really useful to uninstall useless apps that might come with the system and that we might not really need. They are not really bothersome or dangerous in terms of security, but it might be worth uninstalling them and somewhat clean the PC.

Web browser and security tools

One this is done, and in relation to the previous item, it is important to install a web browser unless we use the built-in one. In any case, it is good having security extensions, as they help us protecting our PC against any possible external threat. As we know, malware infections usually happen via the browser. There are extensions that analyze possible fraudulent websites or that prevent us from downloading malicious files.

After installing security tools, the best thing to do is to install tools that are necessary or important like programs or basic stuff we need.

As a complement to this, it is also recommended to update the system. Sometimes there are vulnerabilities that are fixed with security patches. If our PC and programs are up to date, we will be protected.

After everything is set up, it is highly recommended to create a system backup. There are a lot of tools that can be used to create a backup, as we have seen in previous articles. Thanks to this type of programs, we can create a disk that we can have somewhere else, which would mirror the PC’s current state. In case malware cause problems in the future, we can always go back to the secure image we have saved. We will have the most important programs all set and our system clean and ready to be used as usual.

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