Passera: protect services used on Android with passwords created by this generator

Protecting the services we use? A lot of users always use the same password to avoid wasting time creating new ones, but this is a huge mistake. Doing so allows cybercriminals to use a hacked service to attack other services. This is why we will use this article to talk about an app for Android devices that you will like. It is called Passera, a free password generator. Do you want to know more about it?

The reason why we wanted to talk about this app for Android is because of the OS’ market share. The amount of services used on Android smartphones and tablets keeps increasing.

This is why this type of apps becomes important for said devices.

A password generator prevents the user from having to come up with a password that is complex enough. Passera is a tool that provides unique passwords to the user easily. It is capable of turning any entered text into passwords up to 64 characters long.


Although we are going to focus on the app for Android, we also want to take the opportunity to mention the systems that are compatible with it. The app runs on several systems, as it is compatible with Linux, macOS and Windows thanks to a tool that can be run on the phone (or with PowerShell in Windows’ case). Additionally, the app has an extension that is compatible with Firefox.

Interface of Passera for Android

The app’s interface for Android is really simple. Actually, the user only has to enter the passphrase that will be turned into the new password. Once the process is finished, the password will be copied to the clipboard so the user can save it or paste it somewhere in specific.

Unlike the command line version where the password is copied to the clipboard for 10 seconds as a security measure, the app allows the user to decide when to use the password.

Passera states that generating a new password can be slow on devices that have less hardware-related resources.

A great app for free

If you do not want to waste time creating strong passwords, then this certainly is a great option for those who want to use a different password for each service while making sure they meet minimum security requirements.

Passera is really easy to use. We just have to enter a text so a password can be generated. There is just one but (if you can consider it as such): the app is not available on the Google Play Store. This means we have to manually install the APK.

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