Get Android notifications on Windows 10 using Chrome or Firefox

Whether we have an Android or an iOS device, we tend to receive a lot of notifications every day depending of our phone’s settings. Said notifications can be related to any feature or app installed on the phone.

This is one of the reasons why software developers are working to be able to sync mobile and desktop platforms as much as possible. Such a situation would allow us to use devices on both platforms at the same time. Nowadays, PCs are greatly complemented by phones and vice versa.

However, the process of syncing platforms is slowly taking shape in different schedules around Microsoft, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. We can always use third-party apps to get what we are looking for, and that is exactly what we will do right now. We will talk to you about Crono, an app that will allow us to get Android notifications on Windows 10 using Chrome or Firefox.

Get Android notifications on Windows 10 via Chrome or Firefox by using Crono

Obviously, in order to do so, we have to install the app on both platforms (you will find the links in Crono’s official webpage). First we have to install the app on the Android phone to then download and install the required extension for Chrome or Firefox depending on which we typically use.

Once we have done that, both platforms will sync after scanning a QR code shown on our PC (the one that has the extension up and running) using our Android phone. After this, our Windows 10 PC will be capable of automatically receiving Android notifications on Chrome or Firefox.

Additionally, Crono has some interesting features that greatly improve its versatility. We can use the browser to clear the notifications we just received, dismiss incoming calls and share the clipboard content between both platforms easily and quickly. Everything is encrypted, therefore protecting us against unwanted data theft.

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